Open Recovery 1.37

Credit for mankind (from alldroid) for the CustomUpdate, on which this recovery is based,
credit for poseidon (also from alldroid) for ADBRecovery,
credit for koush for mtd-utils and nandroid (uses script based on it),
credit for nadlabak for keyboard layout change script.!!!IMPORTANT WARNING!!!
The md5 checksum files in the new nandroid in version 1.30 to 1.36 (fixed in 1.37) are not generated. The backups will restore normally, but there might be potential corruption.

Version 1.37

- fixed nandroid restore not properly restoring yaffs2 partitions in old format
- fixed nandroid restore not restoring compressed backups
- fixed nandroid backup not taking md5 checksums

1.37的Nandroid 可以正常使用了

添加了 adb命令行 可以在Recovery模式 使用

菜单模式修复 菜单之间前换不用 等待了

- console buffers up to 1000 lats printed lines (extended from 200)

New backup format is used since 1.30. The recovery supports restoring the backups in the old format.
The backups in old format (there is a file “nandroid.md5” file in the folder) go to folder /sdcard/nandroid/adbrecovery/.
The backups in new format (there is a file “*.md5” file for each partition) go to folder /sdcard/nandroid/openrecovery/.